"Highly recommended"

Without sounding like a kid on Christmas morning, the Dowelmax is perhaps one of the best jigs I have ever used, for any task. ... Dowelmax jig has restored my faith in the possibility and usefulness that dowel joints offer. I have never seen another dowel jig that is as accurate, as simple to use and as uncomplicated as the Dowelmax system. The precise engineering of the system is something other jig makers should really be ashamed of. I can certainly recommend this system with my highest praise. It is solid, it has proven to do what it says it will do, and it is great fun to use.

Dean Bielanowski, OnlineToolReviews.
Shopnotes Magazine

"Perfect joints with the Dowelmax"

As I looked it over, my first thought was that it had a fit and finish more like an aircraft part than a woodworking jig.... I can't think of many tools that can do as much or as well for a comparable cost.

Shopnotes Magazine, March/April 2005

shopnotes dowelmax
Wood Magazine

"Best doweling jig we've ever used"

The Dowelmax doweling jig is... dead-on accurate and a breeze to use.

Rated 5 stars out of 5.

Wood Magazine, May 2003

Amazon Reviews


You can't beat this Dowelmax system for ease of use, speed, strength, accuracy, and totally precise joints - Bob Feeser (Springfield, PA)

I am not an experienced woodworker, so I have learned and experimented with different methods of joinery, including using biscuits. Even though I had inconsistent results with the biscuit, it did work pretty well. However, the Dowelmax has been much, much easier and quicker to use and significantly more accurate. The resulting joints are dead-on accurate, strong and almost seamless. - R. L. Powley (Hoboken, NJ)

It easily replaces a pocket joiner and a biscuit joiner, and simply cannot be beat for speed or precision. If you have been mortizing and tennoning, chances are you can get an equally secure joint much faster using this tool and multiple rows of dowels, in a lot less time.- J. W Wendt (Lubbock, TX)

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Thank you for your interest in Dowelmax, a revolutionary tool for joining timber in fine furniture manufacture!